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    Fort Carre - Antibes

    Raleigh, be warned. As much as I miss you, a girl could really get used to waking up near the water. The views on my last few days of runs and walks in Antibes have been too good not to share. These pictures are from the beachfront in Antibes, Fort Carre, and Port Vauban.

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  • Royal Wedding?

    Move over, William and Kate – this weekend is all about Drew and Brianne! Another love of my life is marrying the love of her life this weekend and I’m so excited to be making my way to Ocean Isle Beach in just a few short hours (after a Friday morning full of work) for […]

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  • Brewgrass in Wilmington

    From those local beer guys at Big Boss Brewing… here’s a must-attend in Wilmington for anyone making their way to the beach this weekend (or those of you lucky enough to live there)! *WILMINGTON BREWGRASS FESTIVAL*When: Saturday, 2-8 p.m.Where: Water & Princess Streets, WilmingtonAdmission: $35.00Info: http://www.DBAwilmington.org So this is gonna be a great time! We’ll […]

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  • If You’re Near Wilmington…

    …your manfriends (and maybe even some of your girlfriends) will thank you for sharing this event with them! From The Boss’ Planner: *LIGHTHOUSE BEER FESTIVAL WILMINGTON* When– Saturday, 1 p.m.Where– Hugh MacRae Park, WilmingtonAdmission– $25 advance / $35 Door This is Wilmington’s beer festival and it’s happening this weekend! We’ll be out there pouring our […]

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  • Calling All Fishermen & Fisherwomen!

    I say fisherwomen explicitly because I know quite a few of my female readers kick butt and take names when it comes to fishing. Please consider entering or volunteering with this event to benefit the NC Coastal Land Trust!Championship to Benefit NC Coastal Land Trust! Calling all fishermen and women! If you like to fish, […]

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  • Congrats and More…

    First things first, I have to say congratulations to Allison Davis, owner of Sandfoot Photography (I highly, HIGHLY recommend her beautiful work), on her engagement this weekend in quite a fabulous fashion!! Her darling fiancé surprised her with a backstage proposal at the Brad Paisley meet-n-greet in Charlotte… HOW COOL! Check out the picture and […]

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  • Beaufort Water Festival – Part 2

    I KNEW there had to be a better website for the Beaufort Water Festival and lo and behold, I’ve found it:53rd Annual Beaufort Water Festival Who in the heck is the previously referenced “Virtual Marketing Concepts” – the company claiming development of the previously referenced site – who built a event marketing-based website that did […]

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  • Beaufort Water Festival

    Big thanks to my favorite Zeta blogger for letting us all know about the awesomeness known as the Beaufort Water Festival! If you’ve missed the first few weeks of events… don’t worry! There’s lots more going on now through Sunday, July 20th. Check out the full schedule online – there are lots of events going […]

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  • Ready to Shag?

    I’m dedicating this post to Beaufort Belle who told me in my comments that I really caught her eye with my beach music posts… so here you are dear and thanks for the comment!NC State Alumni Beach Music Party Whether you shag every weekend or you just enjoy the music, join the Wake County NC […]