• Garner
  • Garner Ups Its Game

    You’d think a small town like Garner would really embrace the local indy business movement, but the busiest places on the weekend are almost always chain concepts – that’s why i’m really excited to share a few new places that are earning my local dollars. Zin Yoga Studio & Wine LoungeThis business isn’t as new […]

  • County Music
  • Right On, Idols!

    via WRAL.com: “It’s tough for us because we’re both from small towns from nowhere around L.A. We just try to stay true to ourselves, stay in our boots – that’s what I like to tell myself – and stay grounded,” McCreery said. Ok, I know, two American Idol posts in a row. But seriously, how […]

  • Food
  • The Hushpuppies are a Big Deal

    I almost laughed out loud when I read this line from George Cox’s review of Garner’s (somewhat new) Shuck ‘Em Shack: Hushpuppies are not bad for a commercial product, though the Southerner in me cringes at paying $1.99 for a dozen. I can remember going to Dockside at some point in college, one of the […]

  • Events
  • Music on Main Tonight!

    Jim Quick and the Coastline Band are in Downtown Garner tonight! (If the insanity and strollers at North Hills aren’t your thing, you can still enjoy live beach music on a Thursday just a few minutes outside of Raleighwood.) The Garner Revitalization Associationpresents the 2010 Music on Main After Work Concert Series Join us on […]